Spiti Valley in November to December. I appreciate it. Not only are they incredibly dark, but there is almost never any cloud cover. Another viewpoint off the road. The sight is all at once humbling, inspiring, and for many, deeply spiritual. Best wishes for the trip sir, if possible keep sharing the updates as it may help others too. I am travelling to Spiti on 1 week of August(is it open via manali? Hi Dheeraj To deal with city lights, you need to get out into a rural area, and the more remote the better. Located in northwest Georgia on Lake Allatoona , Red Top Mountain State Park is also a good place to see the Milky Way, Lancaster said. Kaza Manali. New 2023 AUSTRALIA ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY TOUR!! The route via Manali, going through Rohtang Pass, Batal and Kunzum Pass is free of snow during these months. O/n Kaza, Day 8 : 12th June : Kaza day trip to Langza, Hikkim, Komic & back. There were loads of ice-formations besides the roads and lots of water streams and can understand why the route is so hard to build and maintain. We continued ahead to the lake. This is the dry season in the park and you are less likely to encounter rain storms. Tuesday, March 14 2023: March's dark sky window opens. Is the Kunzum pass usually open at these times? The naked eye will see a fair number of stars, along with that milky glow, but look through the binoculars and youll start to see innumerable individual stars hiding in the glow. When you do get to see it, on a moonless night and in its full splendor, its very hard not to be in complete awe. Best time to go and getting there. The time on the road (pure driving time) can be anywhere between 8.5 to 9 hours. Especially Malling Nala Overnight at Jispa, Day 22 | Jispa Chandratal I am bone-weary from a seven-hour morning hike in Pin Valley, Himachal Pradesh and a rocky three-hour drive to Kaza, but I cannot retire to bed just yet. I dont want to get disappointed coming from South, this will my first trip to north. I will request that you please refer the following articles for planning a trip to Spiti Valley: Spiti Valley via Manali | How to Plan Your Journey AND Spiti Valley via Kinnaur | How to Plan Your Journey, They have all the details. Just about any pair of binoculars is going to be a real eye-opener when viewing the milky way. We got up early at 6 am and left by 7.30. They said to inquire later in the evening if there are no-shows. In the summer, temperatures in the high-desert are perfect (70-85F) at night! Pagal nala so called Milky waterfall. The presence of the moon will wash out the light of the stars, just like light pollution from the cities. All the stars you see from Earth are part of our home galaxy. 30th September to 3rd October! 1121 Main Street | P.O. I was able to spot the milky way on 3 consecutive nights in Spiti valley in the second week of July 2017. Less chances of overcast skies. Like most galaxies, the Milky Way slowly rotates, and we go along with it. This is like an encyclopedia into Spiti. We reached the camps around 4.45pm and none had vacancies. The awesomeness that is the Milky Way is hard to wrap your head around. I am planning to visit spiti in next week(14-19august) It was going to be a busy day because of the many scenic spots on the way. A couple of hours of sunlight will ensure that the black ice has melted and the road is relatively safer to travel on. Enjoy walk around Dal lake and may be Shikara ride as well This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. It is renowned for its magnificent view of the night sky. We want to start our journey via shimla route and return via manali route. I am. Overnight at Leh, Day 10 | Leh Khardung La Diskit Hunder Turtuk I assume the route is exceptionally beautiful and regret I could have enjoyed it if had stayed at Chandratal. The Atacama Desert is on our 2022 Best of Travel list. The Milky Way is bright enough to silhouette the clouds of gas and dust running through the center of our galaxy, creating a field of detailed structure, called the galactic interstellar medium. If Im flexible with days what are the places I can add along with your 16 days itinerary considering 30days max. One is welcomed with a calm and serene environment. The state of the road remains bad and it is not just the Kunzum Pass that matters, actually the main problem lies beyond Kunzum Pass between Chatru and Batal where they BRO has to cut off the big giant walls of glaciers. We had booked the room with balcony so we could shoot the Milky Way and the peaks. Great post this. You should not expect much from facilities in Spiti valley in these months. And low in the south where the Milky Way has a brightening and a bulge, thats the center of our galaxy. It was still quite cloudy as you can see in the above pic but similar to Tso Moriri last year, the clouds might clear up. Here are ten of the best locations in the United States to see the Milky Way in all her splendor. can you share your valuable thoughts on this, Yes, mid June to July end is good time to visit Spiti Valley. We had to reach Dhankar while taking a detour to Gue Monastery. Even Chandratal lake becomes accessible in June soon after the Kunzum Pass opens. The best time to see the Milky Way is during the winter season. Summer season in Spiti begins from the month of April and runs till June, Spiti Valley weather in May marks the beginning of the tourist season as the route via Manali opens in this month. Day 31 | Sangla/Chitkul Narkanda Well, the best time to visit Spiti Valley is, September to mid-October, if you love the vivid colors of nature or you are a photographer looking for natural colors or someone who loves to have fewer tourists around yourself but all at the cost of not having any snow around. I consulted your blogs in detail for my maiden Ladakh trip last year. I wanted to know if I had 4 days to visit spiti, will it be better if I visit only the Shimla side or only the Manali side? How to photograph the Milky Way + 2023 Viewing Chart! Regards It had been overcast the whole day and sadly it didn't improve even at night, so we dropped the plan. Enjoy Zangla, Stongde, Karsha, Day 6 | Padum Zongkhul Monastery Penzi La Pass Rangdum Both of these cameras are exceptionally good setups for the Milky Way and can produce stunning images from RAW files at ISO 6400 or even 12,800. O/n Mud village. However, overall, as the temperature in Spiti Valley comes into a positive scale in April May, the conditions in Spiti Valley become bearable. Please reply asap becouse its urgent. How is Tara Guest house? While any season or month is good to visit Spiti, May to October period is the best time to visit Spiti valley due to many reasons. Monastery tour may include Hemis, Thicksey, Stakna and Shey monasteries. Its just me, the mountains, the stars. I can stay at Sangla on Day 3. The max you can delay, the better. If you need some snow then June is better. Its the amazing place around which every star, including our own Sun and its retinue of planets, revolve once every 225 millionyears. Thanks 9 days+1 day buffer. Kaza/Key In terms of place, you simply need dark skies! Then leave for Pin valley..Kungri, Sangnam, Tailing, Mud village. Just make sure you are more or less alone before you get too passionate! AFAIK Yuvraj, there is no new road. From above, its that enormous spiral which spans 100,000 light years.) The Moon is absent, so rural places away from city lights provide perfectly dark conditions, while Septembers typical crisp, dry air affords the kind of transparency that allows the countless subtle details of the Milky Way to emerge in all itsglory. And can u tell me kunzum pass will be open or not ? And how much should i keep in my pocket, are homestays become costly during this time. However, there are few settings to keep in mind while clicking the Milky Way: Has it even happened in the recent years? I switch on my headlamp readjust the tripod and change the settings of my camera to manual focus. This meant we could check-in at our hotel. So, you have very little time in a year (mid-June to October), in case you are interested in the entire Spiti Valley circuit that is Delhi Shimla Kinnaur Kaza (Spiti Valley) Kunzum Pass Rohtang Pass Manali Delhi. You can scan every part of the world and check the light pollution levels. You don't need to go far from the city to enjoy a spot of stargazing as Australia's biggest cities all have observatories that are open to the public. In North America, thats during the summer months. Camera settings. Can you tell me what kind of things i can expect during this 1june to 10th june? Spiti Valley is famous for its apple. During winters, Spiti valley in Winters receives long spells of snowfall and experiences sub-zero temperatures. Thanks Dhiraj for your suggestion. But the Milky Way is not merely a glow crossing the sky. This video by theEuropean Southern Observatory (ESO) starts with a broad view of the Milky Way. Sir , i am planning to travel spiti this october from 10 to 17 .which route should be taken by us ? And only a few hours to do so. Also, keep in mind that August is also the peak time of apple season and crop transportation, which creates a good amount of traffic jams owing to a high number of trucks that ply on the Kinnaur Valley route. But its also a fantastic experience to share. In-person support no matter where the road takes you. While traveling to Spiti Valley in November you go through some hardships of ice on the roads, lack of electricity, winter cold conditions with sub-zero temperatures topped with basic facilities as most of the guesthouses get closed. My first picture taking 13 seconds of exposure time looks great at first, but when I zoom in, the stars are blurry. With a long exposure, the camera sensor picks up millions more glittering stars (invisible to naked eye), it picks up the cobalt afterglow of twilight, it captures the nebular gases. Its a beautiful sunset. My first picture taking 13 seconds of exposure time looks great at first, but . Is Chandrataal lake journey possible at that time? So, tourists must know about the right time to travel to Spiti Valley. There are many different ways to photograph the stars and Milky Way. You may only think about it when you have enough buffer days in hand to face intermittent delays or even cancellation of the trip. Spiti Snow Drive . Spiti Manali Kaza Road Status 2022 2023, Spiti Valley Homestays Authentic List of Stays, The Courtyard Hostel in Leh Bunks, Beds & Rooms for Bikers, Delhi Kinnaur Spiti Valley | Road Status & Conditions 2022, Gushaini the MOST COMPLETE TRAVEL GUIDE. Pl let me know if any changes or improvement is required. The opening of Kunzum Pass and the further road towards Manali from Kunzum Pass takes more time. I am setting aside 15 days for the same. NPS/Ty Karlovetz Yet our precious natural lightscapes are filled with thousands of visible stars. Hi we are planning to Spiti Valley in 9th June 16th June or 7th July 15th July this year. Sharing a profound moment with others brings you closer and creates bonds that can last a lifetime. After understanding the Spiti Valley weather for these months, you can evaluate which month or season shall work out best for you to plan a Spiti Valley road trip. Is it ok..? I have gone through your posts and it seems that you have traveled a lot in the spiti and himachal area. Had some catching up to do as we were back in network coverage and went to sleep. As you plan to stay at Chandratal, I will suggest keeping it simple and stay either at Langza or Kibber. Photographing the night sky is challenging. But, BRO definitely is pretty close to Chatru, I am travelling to Spiti on 1 week of may( is it open via manali?) Also, in order to enjoy Spiti valley, you need about 78- days from Manali side and 10-11 days from Kinnaur Shimla side. I was already on the camera and tried to find it. Clear Night No clouds. Ive created Calendars for 20 different regions on the planet. Winter Nights Day 26 | Kaza Dhankar Pin Valley We are from Kerala, we are planning a bike ride. @Debanshu_B, alpha1, diffuser, digitalnirvana, Dr.AD, drpavan, GTO, haisaikat, Mustang Sammy, Rajain, Rehaan, RJ2285, Samba, Samfromindia, shipnil, supertinu, sweetvar26, thirugata, trippytragopan, veloce.95, YanTra Makto, Both of my rear tyres got big cuts in Ladakh which were replaced with new ones when I got back. Fall and winter are the best times to go stargazing in Georgia as temperatures drop, skies become more clear and nights are longer. Enjoy drive upto Panamik, visit Yarab Tso Lake and back to overnight stay at Kyagar or Tiger or Sumur From September to October: The Milky Way is visible in theevening. Weather wise it shall be fine and like Ladakh Spiti Valley is also a rain shadow region, so it does not rain much there. So, if you are making a road trip to Spiti Valley in winters, be ready for extreme adventure and delays too!! It's fun to see the stars emerge as the dark comes. There is very little humidity in the high-desert. Spiti Valley weather is quite cold during this time, and water starts to freeze in the water pipes. There arent any toilets with running water or water available in Spiti Valley in the months from January to March. The season for Spiti starts to open in these two months only when adventurists from various parts of the country start planning their trips to Spiti Valley. So, you can plan your visit to Langza, Hikkim, Komic, Demul, Lhalung, Pin Valley Mudh Village, Gete, and Tashigang villages. follow my YouTube Channel or follow me on Instagram to ask your travel questions. Its a vault where star clusters and nebulae and 30,000 additional faint stars spring into view for anyone slowly sweeping its path with ordinarybinoculars. We planned to come here late night after 9pm and spend the night till sunrise. Day 06 : Kibber/Kaza Langza Komic Hikkim Kaza The term Milky Way is limited to this band of light. The lunatic riot of stars tumbling downward toward the south and the twisted texture of the background glow surely belongs in our lives at least once ayear. September-November: The Milky Way will be best seen in the early evening. Gompo spotted a pair of Ruddy Shelducks nearby a small pond but were quite far away. But, the struggle will be there due to low GC and car will surely take a beating. Yes September is a good time to travel to Spiti Valley. Day 11 : 15th June : Chandrataal to Manali. Regards, Harish sir, It starts to get cold during that time of the year in Spiti valley and there can be occasional snowfall as well. Catch it if you can. Like the sun, the stars rise in the east and set in the west, due to Earth's rotation or spin on its axis. I pack up and I collapse in my bed. To the ancient Peruvians and Mayans, the Milky Way was the center of the universe. Carry a bottle of water. Day 09 : Manali Delhi, WE R PLANNING TO VISIT KAZA,MANALI ON FEB 1 CAN YOU GIVE ME THE TOUR PLAN, You can read: Spiti in Winters Most Common Itinerary and How to plan a trip to Spiti Valley in Winters. New 2023 AUSTRALIA ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY TOUR!! June July is the beginning of the actual main season to travel to Spiti Valley when a large number of tourists make their journey over these.
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